Elizabeth Om

Colours of Australia - Wren

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Colours of Australia - Wren 

Inspired by the splendid Blue Wren of Western Australia.

Blue tigers eye, Zebra jasper, White howlite, White agate, Blue agate, Amazonite, African turquoise, Labradorite, Dalmatian jasper


Due to the unique patterns on each bead and the complexity of gemstone colours, there may be minor colour variations between your mala necklace and the necklace depicted in this photograph.

All mala necklaces are hand-made orders. Please allow three to five business days for your order to be processed and cleansed before it is shipped to your address. 

We are an environmentally conscious brand and aim to minimise our global footprint by reducing unnecessary paper printing and packaging. 


Total length: Approximately 54cm 

Tassel: Approximately 5cm 

Gemstone size: 8mm

Cord: 0.8mm braided nylon