The Meaning of Om

Om, Ohm or Aum, is considered to be the most sacred mantra in Buddhism and Hinduism. Om is said to be the vibrational sound of the universe which is all encompassing and from which all is manifested in the universe.

The chanting of “Om” actually vibrates at the same frequency as everything found in nature. This strengthens our physical and spiritual connection with the earth.

There are three parts to the chanting of “Om”:

  • The first syllable: “A” is pronounced “awe” from the back of the throat
  • The second syllable: “U” is pronounced “ooo” with a gradual move from the back of the throat to the upper palate.
  • The third syllable: “M” is pronounced “mmm” with teeth slightly closed and the top of the mouth vibrating.
  • Silence: The third syllable “M” gently fades into silence and a purposeful pause in chanting acknowledging this silence.
The pronunciation of “Om” refers to the “Shakti” or divine energy that is responsible for the the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe. “Shakti” is identified as female energy as mothers give birth to new life.