My story

It wasn't until nine years later that I realised I was carrying nine years of unprocessed emotional baggage in my heart and soul. 

During October 2019, my life changed forever and I went from enthusiastic, happy self to a house-bound, panic attack ridden shell of my original self, struggling to string a sentence together without breaking into a sweat.

I was diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and have since been on a journey which has by far been the hardest time of my life. 

As a respite from the anxiety, depression, memory loss and violent nightmares, I was eventually drawn towards practicing yoga and meditation for my recovery. 

I attended my first class and still remember the confusion I felt from the crystal singing bowl causing internal vibrations in my ears which resonated through my body. My soul was reignited and I felt a positive change beginning in my life. I have since been practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

I started creating hand-made Mala bead necklaces with natural gemstones after I found it difficult to find authentic pieces which were not produced in a factory setting. I grew a passion for producing beautifully coloured pieces and used these in my daily meditation practice. 

“Om” is believed to be the sound of the Universe and is chanted to cleanse and connect with our Chakras, to bring the physical and emotional bodies into a state of harmony.

I hope your meditation journey with Elizabeth Om and Mala bead necklaces will help you become grounded and bring you closer towards your personal intentions of spiritual enlightenment.

If you feel like connecting, I'd love to hear your own story of how meditation has helped you in life. 

Trust in the Universe and I wish you good luck. 


Elizabeth Om