Mala care

Mala beads are a sacred item and should be treated with respect and care.

They should not be placed on the ground or left around when they are not in use.

Once you have finished using your mala beads, place them back in their protective pouch which should be preferably made of a natural fabric.

Do not allow other people to touch your mala beads as their negative energies can be transferred onto your beads and affect your practice.

If this occurs or you feel your mala bead energy needs to be rebalanced, cleanse them by placing them for a few hours in the sunlight or moonlight.

Sunlight is good for energizing and clearing any negative energies while moonlight is good for emotional and spiritual cleansing.  

You can also burn white sage over the mala or place the mala inside a singing bowl and ring the edges.

Mala beads can be cleaned of dirt residue by gently cleaning with warm salty water, rinsed with purified water and dried with a clean cloth.

Avoid wearing your mala beads in the shower, bath or swimming.

Avoid exposing your mala beads to perfume, make-up, sweat and chemicals which can cause damage to your beads and thread.

Do not sleep while wearing your mala as it is a choking risk.

You may choose to hand down your mala beads to younger family members and explain the impact of meditation on your life.

The better you care for your mala beads, the longer they will remain in optimal condition.

If your mala beads break, consider it a sign that you have made a breakthrough in your intentions. 

Do not throw out your mala beads as they are a sacred object and have absorbed your personal energy.

Keep them safely stored, remove their string or return them back to the earth by burying them in the ground or placing them on a tree branch.