Using your Mala beads

How to activate your Mala

To activate your mala beads, find a quiet space and light a candle or incense.

Hold the mala beads in your dominant hand and focus your mind on your intention as you move through each bead in your hand.

Once you have stated your intentions, finish by reciting the traditional mantra, “Om” and sit in silence, taking notice of the new positive energy and any changes in your aura.

You can also chant “Om Namah Shivaya” which means “let there be peace, harmony and love in all the five elements,” being earth, fire, air, water and space.  

How to meditate with your Mala

Find a quiet, comfortable space and sit on the floor, preferably facing in an easterly direction.

Light a candle or incense in the room to create a self-nurturing space.

Ring a Tingsha bell to signify the beginning of your practice. 

Hold you mala bead necklace in an upwards facing palm of your dominant hand.

Breathe deeply from the belly and chant the sound “Om.”

Bring your awareness to the third eye chakra, located in the space between your eyebrows.

Holding your mala in your dominant hand, between your thumb and middle finger. Your thumb represents the earth and your middle finger represents the sky.

Do not touch your mala with your index finger which represents fire and is the egotistic finger holding heat and anger.

With the tassel on the right-hand side, inhale silently recite your chosen mantra, whilst slowly moving the bead towards your body. Exhale.

Repeat your mantra 108 times.

When you reach the guru bead and you wish to continue reciting your mantra, do not cross over this bead and the tassel.

Take a conscious pause for a moment and thank your guru and the teachers in life.

Reground your mala by turning it over, balancing it on your thumb and resume your meditation practice using the same method. 

Finish your practice with a chant of “Om” or “Om Namah Shivaya.” 

Ring a Tingsha bell to signify the end of your practice.

Sit in silence and softly move into the next part of your day or night.